Winter Wall: An Experiment In Stewardship

The Winter Wall was a 22' long by 4' high community collage hosted by the Upper Sacramento River Exchange in Dunsmuir California. From December 3, 2005 thru March 18, 2006, many friends participated in its ongoing creation, by placing bits of news print and other graphics, and/or by writing and/or painting upon the surface.

This free access project explored the meaning of stewardship in terms of our regional watershed and the human world. As a collage, with each new image or bit of text added by participants, the mural changed over time. As such, it was not only a fun and engaging physical piece, but a metaphor for our interaction with the environment, community and the river of life. The timing of the event coincided with the 119th anniversary of Alexander Dunsmuir's visitation to the Upper Sacramento River Canyon, and the naming of the railroad town in his honor.

Steward (Middle English stiward, from Anglo-Saxon stiweard or stigweard,
from sti or stig meaning house or hall + weard meaning warden or guardian)

In general, stewardship is responsibility for taking good care of something to which one is entrusted.

Environmental Stewardship: Taking care to sustain environmental resources, as well as the diversity & balance of nature.

Organizational Stewardship: Management's responsibility to properly utilize & develop the talents of the members.

Occupational Stewardship: To strive for excellence in providing products & services to customers & employers.

Product & Industrial Stewardship: Industry & consumers taking responsibility for waste from products they produce or use.

Public Safety Stewardship: To be considerate of others, so as to help protect the health & safety of the wider community.

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