Tracking Media Fragment Provenance & Derivatives With Neo4j

Link to 58 Page PDF Presentation At AMIA Conference 2014

If you work with audiovisual content, you know the highly dynamic change that has underlay the industry over the last generation: Migration of content from film and magnetic tape to file-based workflows; a churning of cameras, format specifications, NLE systems, CGI applications, database arrays; shifts in content delivery from analog broadcast to digital, along with special format requirements for a plethora of web & mobile channels.

The metaCirque data model in Neo4j provides both a working solution to the problem of tracking the provenance and derivatives of any given media fragment with an audio visual workflow, as well as a guide to better models and systems to be developed. Below is a “Horizontal Slider” (click and drag) of screen shots from a test database.

Here is link to a slide deck presentation (PDF, 58 pages) that I made at the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) Conference in Savannah, GA in Fall 2014: metaCirque Presentation PDF (16.8mb)