Welcome to Sunnyside Lab, my latest jump into blogging, which coincides with an adventure to Europe that coincidentally begins in about 5 hours (10/4). So, this a bit rushed (and bound to be edited within a few days).

I am research librarian with a passion for global history, art and culture, who is very happy on the road with small suitcase and reasonably full wallet. I am a technologist, trained in long term preservation and access of digital media.

Currently, I am in transition. I have been so for a while. And finally have accepted it.

I have previously done business under: Information & Imaging (litigation paralegal), Studio LarZ (web and multimedia design/publishing), and most recently metaCirque (metadata, data modeling, data curation, and media workflows).

What you will find on this blog are short posts and occasional essays on the state of world and technology. Hopefully, you will find them both informative and entertaining. Hopefully, I will too.

I somewhat apologize for not providing for comments, or a posted means to email me at this time. Those who know me, probably have my email address (and phone). Those who don’t, probably can find it, if they want.

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For photographs, my primary image stream is on Flickr.

For video, I have nothing recent online. However, there is some nice but rather dated work on Vimeo.

For professional background, look at my LinkedIn profile