Welcome to Sunnyside Lab, my latest jump into blogging.

Who needs another blog, right? Answer: Apparently, I do.

I keep creating and deleting them. I think this is my 4th or 5th since the late 90s. That does not include numerous websites for personal & business projects (some of which are integrated into this site), as well as work created for many artists, artisans, and small businesses, when I did this sort of work for a living.

I am research librarian with a passion for global history, art and culture, who is very happy on the road with small suitcase and reasonably full wallet. I am a retired technologist, trained in long term preservation and access of digital media. Yet I am still moving, breathing, creating. So, screw thoughts of retirement. Too much to do.

What you should find in this blog are short posts and occasional essays on my travel adventures, the state of world, art & culture, and technology. Hopefully, you will find them both informative and entertaining. Hopefully, I will too. If not, this blog will join the others on the digital ash-heap.

I somewhat apologize for not providing for comments, or a means to contact me at this time. Those who know me probably can, if they want. Those who don’t, probably can find me, too. But, I am not particularly looking attention. I am bearing witness to my time.

For photographs, my relatively active image stream is on Flickr.

Also try my Instagram account. Although, it has been quiet for years.

For video, also nothing recent. However, there is some rather dated SD work on Vimeo.