Update and Link Forwards

Yesterday, as part of a general reorganization of my online presence, I closed the metacirque.com and laurencecook.com websites (both now auto-forward here). Some of the content regarding Dunsmuir, California, as well as biographic information regarding Harold Speakman has been migrated, including the following:

  • Very Unofficial Dunsmuir. I am leaving this page up, because after 22 years, it seems a shame to close it. It is still the oldest surviving website for Dunsmuir (i.e., earliest posts, January 1996).
  • Who Was Alexander Dunsmuir? This has ranked #1 on Google regarding the subject. Proud of it.
  • Winterwall: An Experiment in Stewardship. A community art project that explored the meaning of stewardship in terms of regional watershed, which ties into story of Alexander Dunsmuir.

Moving forward with more original content soon.